So I'm driving Little Man to our Mommy and Me Preshcool Co-op...
LM:Where is Daddy?
Mom: Daddy is working in Los Angeles today.
LM: Daddy is on Los Angeles Street?
Mom: No, Los ANgeles is a city like we live in Simi Valley and Grandpa lives in Golden Valley. Dad is in Los Angeles City which is kinda far from here.
LM: But Los Angeles is a street.
Mom: No, hunny it's a city. Looking up to make my left turn I realize we are turning onto LOS ANGELES AVENUE. Then I remember when we went to see the Christmas Train we had a conversation with him that we were driving on Los Angeles Avenue which means "the angels" in Spanish.
Mom: You are right these is a Los Angeles street- that is where the train station is and that is the street we take to get to your school. (Sigh to self- as I realize my 2 yr old is smarter than I am).
Little Man: Is it Christmas?
Mom: No. Christmas is over, it's January.
LM: What's in January?
Mom: Jakey's birthday.
LM: OH, my birthday! I want stuff for my birthday.
Mom: What kind of stuff?
LM: AN airplane, a car transporter and a big rig.
Mom: You already have an airplane, a big rig and a car transporter.
LM: I want stuff with wheels, I like stuff with wheels.
Mom: Laughing, true enough, you do like stuff with wheels.
This LM has three air planes four big rigs and a 2 car ttransporters already not to mention the 250 cars. The Hubby tried to get him to ask for something else but no luck, he even turned down the hubby's suggestion of a tablet (Thank goodness because they seem to be all sold out everywhere of the one we wanted to get him). I think he is really going to like the ride on McQueen car we got him and now I am really glad we decided to save it for his birthday and not give it to him for Christmas