So I'm driving Little Man to our Mommy and Me Preshcool Co-op...
LM:Where is Daddy?
Mom: Daddy is working in Los Angeles today.
LM: Daddy is on Los Angeles Street?
Mom: No, Los ANgeles is a city like we live in Simi Valley and Grandpa lives in Golden Valley. Dad is in Los Angeles City which is kinda far from here.
LM: But Los Angeles is a street.
Mom: No, hunny it's a city. Looking up to make my left turn I realize we are turning onto LOS ANGELES AVENUE. Then I remember when we went to see the Christmas Train we had a conversation with him that we were driving on Los Angeles Avenue which means "the angels" in Spanish.
Mom: You are right these is a Los Angeles street- that is where the train station is and that is the street we take to get to your school. (Sigh to self- as I realize my 2 yr old is smarter than I am).

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