Today Jake was upset because I wouldn't get his bucket of cars down from the table before we left for school. I explained that he could choose a few out of the bucket to play with but I didn't want all (200+) cars out because we had to leave soon.  He cried.  He was still a bit moody at school. When circle time came he was mad because he wanted to play with the big Clifford dog. He didn't want to sing or participate. Fast forward to later when we are in eating lunch and he tells me "Remember last year when you wouldn't get my McQueen Bucket? That made me really mad and I didn't want to sing."  I got a little laugh.  Even later we are sitting with Dad playing cars and I say to Jake, "Tell Daddy what you did at school today."  He says,  "At school I was grumpy and I didn't sing the itsy bitsy spider because SOMEBODY wouldn't get my McQueen bucket for me to play with." I wonder who that SOMEBODY was.  I got a good laugh out of that on

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