Conversation in the car last Saturday:
Princess: Mommy when I grow up I'm going to marry Jakey (brother).
Mommy: That is nice hunny, but you know, if you marry Jakey then you'll have to live with him forever.
Princess: Oh
Mommy:Besides you don't marry people in your family, you get to keep them forever because they are already your family. You'll grow up, fall in love with a handsome man who treats you really nice and get married.
Princess: I'm gonna marry Grandpa
Mommy: No, honey Grandpa is family already you marry someone not in your family and then they become your family.
Princess: I'm going to have two babies, one boy and one girl. I'm going to name the girl "baby Loren" (her cousin) and the boy baby "Jakey" (her brother).
Mommy: That is very nice honey but you don't have to pick names of people you know you can pick any name you want.
Princess: Then I'll name the girl "LaLa Rose" and the boy "Jakey".
Mommy: What do you want to do when we get home? (Changing the sub

Chris P.Bacon
1/5/2016 01:11:42 pm

10/10 IGN would read again


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