The Princess: Mommy how old are you when you go to school?
Mommy: What do you mean? You go to school and you are 4 1/2.
Princess: No, when you go to big people school.
Mommy: Well first you go to elementary school then middle school then college.
Princess: What school do you go to?
Mommy: I would go to college, when you finish high school you go to college to learn how to do a job then you get a good job and make lots of money. What kind of job do you think you want to do when you grow up?
Princess: Oh, I want to be a policeman, a princess and a dentist.
Mommy: Well, that will be a lot of college. You know policemen help a lot of people, but it's kind of dangerous because sometimes the bad guys try to hurt the policeofficers.
Princess: Then I'll just be a princess.
Mommy: A Princess huh?
Princess: Mommy are their real princesses?
Mommy: Yes
Princess: How do you get to be a real princess?
Mommy: You have to marr

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