Today for "Fun Friday" we spent some time talking about healthy food choices for our teeth and we discussed how to take care of our teeth. Thanks to Pinterest I found a couple great activities to include. Most of the printable stuff came from prekfun.com.
I made this activity where the kids went through the food from their play kitchen and decided if it was a food that was good for teeth or not. If it was a food that was good for teeth they got to feed the mouth by placing the food into the box. If it was not a good food they placed it in a bin under the box. This was  actually a lot of fun and there was some great discussion that took place (Particularly about breads, buns, and bagels). The Princess asked what would happen if a sugar bug started to make a hole in the tooth but then got brushed away. So we talked about cavities and fillings. We read The Tooth Book by P.D. Eastman as well.  I got out my flannel board and we did an introductory lesson on healthy teeth foods (we did this before the box activity). I also had them play a roll and cover game where they covered the teeth on the paper with healthy foods. Finally we did a counting sheet where they counted teeth and out the correct toothbrush (by number) on the mouth.  I almost forgot we brushed (painted) teeth with our toothbrush to make them white. Check out our activities below.

I also made a sight word game with a dental health theme- check it out under resources. We didn't get to it today because we met some friends at our local kids gym so I don't have pictures yet.