Well, it's back to school for us. The Princess will be in first grade this year and our Little Man will be in Pre Kindergarten. We started our Homeschool journey two years ago with "tot school" and our homeschool has taken on a life of it's own.

Since making the decision to Homeschool our daughter, she has been diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder, or Sensory Processing Dysfunction. This has really been a learning experience for me. I've immersed myself in several books on the topic, friended several new blogs and attended many hours of therapy sessions for The Princess. I am so glad we made the decision to homeschool. I am able to provide an environment that is comfortable for her and allows for her to be able to focus on learning.

The Princess will continue to participate in the Hybrid program we started last year. She really enjoyed the enrichment classes. Our Little Man will be attending a Montessori Preschool 3 days a week this year. They have placed him in the Kindergarten class but since he won't turn 5 until January he technically isn't a Kindergartner.

I will continue to share what we do on a weekly basis on my blog this year; but I will also share about the successes we have as we learn and experiment with different strategies that help the Princess along the way.

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