Last week I purchased a bunch of used books from our local library. One of them was Arlene Alda's ABC, A New Way Of Seeing. It is an ABC book where she took pictures of things in nature that looked like the letters of the alphabet (some were man made). My Little Man has really been enjoying this book. So today I spontaneously came up with the idea to go on a nature walk in our neighborhood and look for things that looked like letters.

Daddy was working from home today so he was able to join us for our walk. The Princess had a checkoff sheet with all the letters on it and as we found something she marked it off. Little Man was calling out all the shapes he was seeing it was hilarious as I kept trying to explain we were looking for letters not just shapes. At one point I just bent down gave him a huge hug and kiss and told him he was an expert shape finder.

I took pictures of each thing we found and I plan to bind our own ABC, A New Way of Seeing book. Here is a slide show of what we found, some you may have to look really hard or just use your imagination- lol. It wasn't until I put them in order on the blog that I realized we didn't find any N's. I guess the Princess got a little carried away checking off letters. Oh well we'll have to go out later to find an N.

This was so much fun you really have to try it. I'm going to put them into a powerpoint for the kids in the same style that Alda used in her book. I'll also put together some type of book that we can bind so the kids can go back and look at "our letter adventure"- oh maybe I'll use that for our title.

(you can view the finished power point here)

Thanks to Deb at Living Montessori for featuring us on her Facebook page!
3/30/2012 07:57:10 am

Looks like a fun time you guys had and a special memory book too! Visiting from Preschool Corner

3/31/2012 10:18:19 am

What a great idea ... and I love the idea of making your own book! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. (If you could add the Montessori Monday button or link back, that would be awesome!) I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and pinned it to my Exploring Nature Pinterest board at

3/31/2012 11:49:37 am

Thanks Deb for featuring us again! I have added your button to my side bar and put a link back to you in my post :)

4/1/2012 09:20:21 am

I am currently working on one using letters we find on our nature hikes which are made by like trees, flowers, etc. I am still missing some letters though. When I am done I am going to give it to the kids. I am making my in snapfish.

4/4/2012 04:05:20 am

Stopping by from Fun Stuff Fridays!

6/23/2012 04:19:12 pm

Is there a way to search blogs on Weebly?

11/12/2012 07:29:28 am

Thanks for sharing! You did a great job with finding your alphabet!


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