This week we focused on Easter. Jesus, eggs, bunnies, and all. The kids have really been enjoying the Resurrection Eggs. (See my beginning post on the Resurrection Eggs here).I was too until we got the day 5, 6 & 7 where the eggs contained a whip, crown of thorns and nails. So hard to discuss something as ugly and the crucifixtion with a 3 and 4 year old. Naturally I focused on the Love Jesus shared and I knew in my heart that the story of Easter rally is pretty dark up until Easter itself.  Even the whole story of Judas betraying Jesus for the thirty pieces of silver.My kids couldn't understand why his friend gave him (Jesus) to the authorities. Again so hard to explain. None the less they continue to ask to open the eggs each day and get quite excited in anticipation as we read the scripture passage for the day.

I made the week a light fun one because we had quite a few activities to attend out side of the home this week and Daddy was on a business trip. And wait for it... the big news... we were POTTY TRAINING!  I didn't think Little Man would ever decide to go for it. He was pretty committed to his diapers and very vocal about wanting to keep them.  I kind of felt that Daddy telling him often that Big Boys don't wear diapers and he needed to be a big boy was having a negative effect on him. I asked Daddy to stop saying that and waited a week. I admit that i had to kind of push the first two days and we were not very successful but by day four we had an accident free day- Woo Hoo! An Easter Miracle has occurred in our house.

This week I just lacksidaisically (sp?) put out various Easter themed activities for the kids. One the Princess enjoyed was tossing small wiffle balls into a Spring Themed Basket. She was pretty good at it too. We lined up and took turns tossing the balls from a few feet away. My Little Man really liked the felt board Easter Eggs he played with them almost everyday. I used a few Easter Themed printables as well. Here is a little peek at what we did this week.

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