I am so excited to share my new game with you. Busy Bee CVC game. The Princess  has started reading and spelling CVC words. We've been playing many of the "popcorn words" games to practice reading her sight words. To mix it up I made this game to practice short vowel sounds and spelling of CVC words. I made most of the Bees so that several vowels can be used to make different words (for instance p_n  could be pen, pin, pun or pan). I hope you enjoy, and if you use this game drop me a comment to let me know how it worked for you. Here are a couple pictures of the Princess and the Little Man playing the game. If you can believe it my non- reading Little Man actually won- LOL.

2/13/2012 05:21:18 am

Wow - that is a really nice printable - thanks!

2/13/2012 08:41:19 am

Very cute idea!

2/14/2012 05:24:04 am

LOVE this! What a fun learning activity. It is SO cute!! Thanks for the free printable =-)
Beth (TGIF)


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