Rainbows were our theme this week. So for our Friday Fun (aka Science) we explored color. First I let the kids explore with the color paddles from Oriental Trading again on the light box. The Little Man really enjoyed making new colors. I also so an idea on Pinterest where you add food coloring to shaving cream and when the kids mix it you get a rainbow effect- sort of.  I had also put food coloring into shaving cream to make bath paint.
Our finale was the milk investigation where you pour milk into a shallow bowl or deep plate. Add four drops of food color to the milk close but not touching. (key here is to wait til milk settles and stops moving- very difficult to do with a 3 and a 4 year old by the table- lol). Next you place one end of a q-tip in the center of the milk careful not to "stir" it. Not much happens. Next dip the other end into some dish soap and place that end into the milk- again careful not to stir- AMAZING!  After a few seconds take it out and just watch. When it appears to stop moving you can dip another soap covered q tip into the bowl some other place and AMAZING! it moves again.  Way cool. It all has to do with the molecular properties of milkfat (I think the property of adhesion) but you can read more about it here.  Ok now for the slide show. Enjoy, we sure did.

Discount School supply has a sale in the color paddles through April 9th 18 paddles for $5.96.
4/4/2012 11:08:41 pm

I'd seen those color mixing paddles on Oriental Trading and hadn't even thought about using them like that!

Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!


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