In case you missed it, but it would be hard to, I am addicted to Pinterest. I spend more time on Pinterest than email and Facebook combined. I even spend more time on Pinterest then surfing my favorite blogs these days. There are so many wonderful ideas that three lifetime would not be enough to try them all. This week we enjoyed a few Valentine's Day themed activities so when I saw this Lava- lamp idea on Pinterest I knew I would have to try it with some red food dye to tie into our theme for the week. It was really fun and the kids enjoyed  it quite a bit. Even Daddy can out and joined us for this one. I took a Smart water bottle and peeled off the lable (its a 1 liter bottle). Next I let the kids pour in some cooking oil (filling the water bottle a little more than half way- we used a funnel for this). Then Little Man added some red food coloring about 20 drops. Then the Princess filled the bottle the rest off the way with water. I had cut up the alka-seltzer tablets into fourths ahead of time. The kids took turns dropping in the pieces. A couple of notes here 1. I bought the store brand tablets as they were on sale 36 tablets for $4.99 Alka- seltzer tablets were $6.99. 2. We discussed viscosity, half (fair shares) we observed and talked about our observations. We also discussed why there were bubbles and how the oil was lighter than the water etc. So this turned out to be very education as well as just fun. 3. I had all my materials ready to go before the kids came to the table so there would be better supervision and less chance of spilling. After we used the first two tablets (8 tries) My hubby decided we should try halves- It got a little messy because we filled our bottle all the way to the neck I recommend leaving an inch empty at the top to prevent spill over.  5. I did this outside in case the bottle did get spilled. So Here are our photos. It was so much fun it was hard to stop and take photos.

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2/11/2012 12:55:14 pm

great idea - we'll be trying this this coming week - thanks

2/14/2012 05:22:57 am

LOVE your lava lamp! I need to try that! Thanks for linking up to TGIF =-)

2/17/2012 07:50:07 am

Fun idea for a science activity! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LivingMontessoriNow

2/18/2012 07:56:09 am

Pinterest has been a great resource for me as well! Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

2/18/2012 09:01:41 am

I'd love to have you share this with our readers for our Fun Stuff Fridays link up. http://www.toysinthedryer.com/2012/02/fun-stuff-fridays-11.html

2/19/2012 11:49:30 pm

Love this! We have our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday Link Party going on now and would love for you to share this! http://kitchenfunwithmy3sons.blogspot.com/2012/02/kitchen-fun-and-crafty-friday-link_16.html


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