Last month we received the new Playskool Show Cam to review.  Let me just start by telling you that my kids fight over it and have barely put it down. We've taken over 4,000 photos with this little gem!  If you have a 3-6 year old that you need to buy a gift for, this is one to consider.  It really is one of the neatest camera's I've seen for little guys (and we've had our fair share of kid cams).

I was impressed from the moment I opened it. The packaging wasn't too difficult to open ( a bonus in my opinion) and the packaging was bright and cheerful. I grabbed a screw driver and installed the batteries. Within moments we had figured out how to operate the camera and my 4 year old son was gleefully taking photos.

Some of the highlights of this camera in my opinion are the rigid construction (code for this toy can withstand being dropped and banged around by my destructo son). BIG EASY buttons for those little hands. But here is the single best feature- with the flip of a switch kids can share their photos with family and friends by projecting them on the wall, floor or ceiling. The camera has a ton of stamps and animations that the kids can add to their photos. (one complaint, it is really hard for the little kids to line up their subject to get the animations and stamps to fit just right).  Once I explained to the kids how to line up their subject in the viewing screen to fit it just right they got better.
My daughter took about 1,1oo photos before she filled the memory. downloading onto her computer was really easy- no special software needed to be installed (hallelujah!) After one month and 4,000+ photos we are on our third set of batteries. I have rechargables in the camera now and they seem to be working just as well as the alkaline batteries.

Both of my kids LOVE this camera and have not tired of it. My daughter now sets up her stuff animals and photographs them (since we are all a little tired of saying "cheese" for her). Bottom line is that we LOVE this camera. Of all the products I've been sent to review this one was by far our favorite!

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