We tried a few new activities this week as well as a few old ones. I also switched out most of our fall sensory bin as well. I took out the beans and rice and added some fall themes foam beads from oriental trading. I bought some wood chips at the 99cent store and threw in some tongs (also from the 99 cent store). We kept the pupmkin ice tray, scarecrows (dollar tree), foilage, leaves (Joann's and Dollar Tree), and milkshake straws. Also in I collected some tiny little pinecone looking things at a local park and added them in there as well. There are two chenille pipe cleaners that I twirled around my finger to make curly thrown in for variety.

I made the button turkey project I saw on My Montessori Journey. I saw another one similar somewhere else but can't remember the site now. I though this was such a cute idea for practical life skills (practicing buttons) as well as a color matching activity.

I added marbles to a bowl and paired it up with some spoons and bottles and voila a fine motor activity. My Little Man kept trying to put the marbles into the bottles with his hands because it was easier than using the spoons- lol. I tried two types of spoons and bottles with different sized openings. I got this idea from a Snail's Trail blog.

I kept the fall clip counting activity found at from last week because Little Man is having so much trouble with the clips I thought he could use more practice. We also have the silk leaves with the Capital and lower case letters on them (Teach Mama)for matching but Little Man has shown zero interest and has declined to work when them when I offer them up.  I kept the leaf counting game with the milk caps from last week as well.

I made a 5 Little Turkeys hand puppet I saw on Childcareland.com There is a video and patterns there. I used this at my Preschool Co-op today as well.  I also made a really cute Old McDonald set for the felt board that we used today see my post from 11/14.

My daughter's favorite this week is Turkey Shape hunt from Making Learning Fun. You hide the turkeys under the "haystacks" and the child draws a card and tries to find the corresponding turkey. It is essentially a memory game with a fun twist. In the group shot it wasn't completed yet so the cups are right side up, not painted and stuffed with all the turkeys. There is another picture of the Little Man playing the game.

The last tray was a dot marker turkey page from Making Learning Fun that we filled in with pom poms that I stuck magnets to. Unfortunately I can not find the exact sheet on the site (I tried to find it for my CO-op last night) but if you dig around in the Turkey/ Thanksgiving section you might find it along with several others.

I can't wait to see what is in your workboxes or on your trays. Be sure to link up at Workbox Wednesday!
11/16/2011 11:23:41 pm

I love love love the button turkey! Too cute!



Thanks for linking up with Workbox Wednesday! I LOVE the felt turkey with the buttons!


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