I have really been wanting to bring some bible study to our home preschool but haven't yet decided what I want to do to incorporate the bible into our lessons. I read about Resurrection Eggs and knew this was just the think to get us jump started.

Have you heard of Resurrection Eggs to teach about the 12 days of Easter? I had never heard of this until I saw pins all over Pinterest a few days ago. You can buy Resurrection Eggs apparently but since I am a little behind on this one this year I had to settle for making mine.  Similar to the advent calendar at Christmas you open one egg each day and discuss what is inside. Each day you read a passage from the bible Starting with Palm Sunday and ending with the Resurrection. For instance today we read about Jesus riding the Donkey into Jerusalem and how the people welcomed him by laying palm fronds before him. When we opened our egg there was a picture of a donkey. We discussed why their might be a Donkey in the egg thinking back to the passage we read together. My kids are really enjoying this and it put the focus where it should be- on Jesus not the fake Easter Bunny.

I found some great lesson materials at 2 Teaching Mommies for making my own resurrection eggs. I loved that they added the pages from the Beginner's Bible that went with each of their lessons since that is the bible we use also. I modeled my eggs and activities after their suggestions. They also have a link to printable Resurrection Eggs for Free. They have a separate post for each day. Check them out here.

Sierra over at H is for Homeschooling wrote a whole post on her blog about the resurrection eggs. She even chose her own verses and added extension activities to her resurrection eggs. You can check it out here
I'll take some pictures and update this post as we move through the eggs.

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