I saw this idea at My Montessori and thought it was so cute I had to make one myself. I can't wait to put it on our trays for this week for my Little Man to work with. I made the button holes a little big to make it easier for him to get the feathers on since his fine motor skills are not well developed yet. I free handed the pattern/ shapes. I also doubled up the felt to make it a little sturdier (Little Man is quite tough on things) and I sewed the buttons on really well since they will have to endure quite a bit of pulling and tugging. I chose to sew everything for the same reason. I think sewing the edges of all the pieces gives it a nice finished look as well. The whole thing took me about four or five hours to complete (over two nights). I am not a sewer and it is all hand stitched. I'll post pics of Little Man using it in my weekly blog at the end of the week.
11/14/2011 05:37:09 am

So cute!! It turned out great!


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