This week our focus is on Valentine's Day. I found a cute I Love Trucks pack at mamasmonkeys. I've decided my husband is right, Valentine's Day is for girls. Everything is pink and red, it's all hearts and so girlie. Little Man LOVES anything with wheels so I am so thankful for some Valentine's Day truck printables. We have numerous trays now because I have the Princess with us on Mondays and Fridays so I make trays for her as well as for Little Man. I used to put all our activities out on the trays but it is just too much now with both sets. So most art related things are not on the trays since I take that out as we use it. Some of the practice printables we use also are not on the trays. So be sure to check back with us on Sunday that is when I post about our week as a whole.

The Princess is using the You Can Read program from 1+1+1=1 so one of her activity trays are the printables from this program. I also have a generic word work tray as well. I have a popcorn game set up, the word puzzles and the tiles for building the words from the You Can Read and The Moffat Girls site has some add on to the You Can Read Program that she sells. One is a freebie which is the word caterpillar. So I have the new sight word 'caterpiller' pieces on that tray as well. What I am finding is The Princess is way ahead of where I am in this program. I plan to do a site word assessment soon to see how many of the 100 high frequency words she knows. I'm guessing she knows at least half. She is already reading number words, color words, CVC words and a few of the sight words. It is amazing to me how she has taken to reading like a fish in water. She has already  read through the first three BOB books, the set of beginning Bob readers and a set of decodables from Scholastic.
2/22/2012 04:38:55 am

I love the ways you used the erasers for spelling activities! And I am sure it was fun to find the erasers in the rose petals! Thank you for sharing at WOTT!


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