I'm moving my tray posts to Tuesdays because it works better pneumonically- LOL This week I was planning to start with Valentine's Day activities and then move into our study on Penguins. However, I had so many trays filled with Valentine's Day stuff that I might wait and start penguins next week since it could very well take all week to get through these trays.

When you are done peeking at our trays head over to H is for homeschooling and see what others have on their trays this week.

So here is what we have on the trays this week:
2/22/2012 04:31:16 am

Wonderful trays! I love the stethoscope idea. Brittney at Mom's Heart did that too. So fun! You have so many great manipulatives to go with your worksheets. And the love bugs are precious! Thank you so much for sharing at WOTT!


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