Since we do tot school I use trays rather than actual workboxes but here is what we have for this week.  We are using Block Buddies which can be purchased here and are currently on sale. These are like tangrams in that you try to reconstuct the picture on the card, there are four levels of difficulty. We also have been working with our E-Z as ABC puzzle (We purchased ours at the KIDSPACE children's museum in Pasadena a couple year's ago). I like it because after the child matches the capital and lowercase letter they can flip over the mini puzzle and see the picture of something that starts with that letter or vice versa.
    I'm working with a CARS theme this week so I saw this idea on another blog All Things Children,  and decided to make my own road/ parking lot to review colors and color matching. I used Little Man's CARS vehicles to add to the theme. I forgot brown and he immediately asked me "Where does Mater park?"  LOL. I made this a 12 x 12 size because my printer can do that. You can modify the size if you download the my word file.
   Little Man is really enjoying his CARS tot book and Preschool Pages (You can find them at 1+1+1=1). He asks to read it almost everyday. He likes that he can "read" it himself. The Fun ABC cards I downloaded from 1+1+1=1 also.
     Finally, I used some fall leaves and put them in a cars pail from the 99 cent store and some cars cups also purchased at the 99 cent store. The chopsticks were purchased for Christmas last year, I'm not sure where.  Enjoy.
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Workbox Wednesday

Thanks for linking up with Workbox Wednesday! We did the Cars theme not too long ago...what a hit! Looks like a lot of fun!

11/10/2011 01:54:36 am

Hey thanks for stopping by! What a great blog you got here! I'll def be keeping an eye out! :D

11/10/2011 01:56:35 am

How can I follow you?

11/11/2011 01:29:05 pm

Great stuff!! Love the cars activity! On our pancakes: She DEFINITELY ate more than one! I just cut the first one in the triangle shape and gave her regular ones after that one.


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