This week I wanted to finish up our "L" activities and to supplement I added in some Disney Cars activities since my little man loves CARS. We really had a full week filled with MANY activities as you will see. He kept asking for to do tot school activities through out the day. (We do a formal hour of activities in the morning). I have gained so much confidence in constructing and choosing activities. I find the problem is that there are so many good ideas out there. I've started a Pinerest account to keep track of all the great ideas. You can follow me on Pinerest by clicking the button on the sidebar.

Rather than list all the activities we did take a look at the slide show. I'll try to link to all printables or original posts on the Resources/ printables tab of my site. You can also click on most of the pictures and they will link you to the original sites as well.

If you want specific information on our tray activities for this week check out my Workbox Wednesday post for 11/9/11.

I am contemplating switching from a letter of the week centered curriculum to a book/ story centered curriculum which would still allow for plenty of alphabet activities but would give us a story theme each week. I think Jake would really enjoy that.

I love visiting all the blogs and seeing what others are doing. I hope my blog helps inspire a few of you as well. Be sure to check out 1+1+1=1, preschool corner and the TGIF Linky Party to see what others are doing this week. I've added a Follow me on twitter button if you'd like to follow our journey.
I am finding it challenging to hold Jake's attention. Today he made it through three activities before he abandoned me for his cars. Although this is a success I must say he only spent about 2-3 minutes on each activity. First we looked through the "P" box again. Next, we made past necklaces which he really wasn't too interested in so I made one with and put mine on. This encouraged him to finish his. He wore his for about a minute. I brought out the Do a Dot P sheets from Home School Creations, and we used googly eyes today which he thought was funny then he did one with pom pom balls and then he declared he was going to go play cars. So we took a break.

While Jake was playing with his cars the phone rang. My being on the phone caused Jake to need my attention so he brought me his Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater book. I hung up and read him the book and then we did a counting activity and pre-writing activity with his CARS sheets from 1+1+1=1. Then we went back to playing with his cars.