Conversation in the car last Saturday:
Princess: Mommy when I grow up I'm going to marry Jakey (brother).
Mommy: That is nice hunny, but you know, if you marry Jakey then you'll have to live with him forever.
Princess: Oh
Mommy:Besides you don't marry people in your family, you get to keep them forever because they are already your family. You'll grow up, fall in love with a handsome man who treats you really nice and get married.
Princess: I'm gonna marry Grandpa
Mommy: No, honey Grandpa is family already you marry someone not in your family and then they become your family.
Princess: I'm going to have two babies, one boy and one girl. I'm going to name the girl "baby Loren" (her cousin) and the boy baby "Jakey" (her brother).
Mommy: That is very nice honey but you don't have to pick names of people you know you can pick any name you want.
Princess: Then I'll name the girl "LaLa Rose" and the boy "Jakey".
Mommy: What do you want to do when we get home? (Changing the sub

The Princess: Mommy how old are you when you go to school?
Mommy: What do you mean? You go to school and you are 4 1/2.
Princess: No, when you go to big people school.
Mommy: Well first you go to elementary school then middle school then college.
Princess: What school do you go to?
Mommy: I would go to college, when you finish high school you go to college to learn how to do a job then you get a good job and make lots of money. What kind of job do you think you want to do when you grow up?
Princess: Oh, I want to be a policeman, a princess and a dentist.
Mommy: Well, that will be a lot of college. You know policemen help a lot of people, but it's kind of dangerous because sometimes the bad guys try to hurt the policeofficers.
Princess: Then I'll just be a princess.
Mommy: A Princess huh?
Princess: Mommy are their real princesses?
Mommy: Yes
Princess: How do you get to be a real princess?
Mommy: You have to marr
I overheard the Princess talking to my Little Man. She asked him "Are there 2 e's or 1 "e" at the end of your name?, I think their is one "e". Then a period, when you put a period that means it's the end. I'll put three periods, that means it is really, really the end.
So I'm driving Little Man to our Mommy and Me Preshcool Co-op...
LM:Where is Daddy?
Mom: Daddy is working in Los Angeles today.
LM: Daddy is on Los Angeles Street?
Mom: No, Los ANgeles is a city like we live in Simi Valley and Grandpa lives in Golden Valley. Dad is in Los Angeles City which is kinda far from here.
LM: But Los Angeles is a street.
Mom: No, hunny it's a city. Looking up to make my left turn I realize we are turning onto LOS ANGELES AVENUE. Then I remember when we went to see the Christmas Train we had a conversation with him that we were driving on Los Angeles Avenue which means "the angels" in Spanish.
Mom: You are right these is a Los Angeles street- that is where the train station is and that is the street we take to get to your school. (Sigh to self- as I realize my 2 yr old is smarter than I am).
Little Man: Is it Christmas?
Mom: No. Christmas is over, it's January.
LM: What's in January?
Mom: Jakey's birthday.
LM: OH, my birthday! I want stuff for my birthday.
Mom: What kind of stuff?
LM: AN airplane, a car transporter and a big rig.
Mom: You already have an airplane, a big rig and a car transporter.
LM: I want stuff with wheels, I like stuff with wheels.
Mom: Laughing, true enough, you do like stuff with wheels.
This LM has three air planes four big rigs and a 2 car ttransporters already not to mention the 250 cars. The Hubby tried to get him to ask for something else but no luck, he even turned down the hubby's suggestion of a tablet (Thank goodness because they seem to be all sold out everywhere of the one we wanted to get him). I think he is really going to like the ride on McQueen car we got him and now I am really glad we decided to save it for his birthday and not give it to him for Christmas
So I'm reading to Jake and I ask him who is Emily Elizabeth's Dog. I expect him to say Clifford, instead he says "Her Dog is the big red dog, his name is Clifford." Of coarse silly me- LOL
So Jake wakes up and asks "can we do tot school stuff in the living room?" How did he know it was Monday? Then I say, we have to wait til we take Samantha to school. He fusses. I say, Jake, we don't do tot school until 9:00. He blows me away when he asks "Is that when the little hand is on the 9?" Who taught him about time?
Today Jake was upset because I wouldn't get his bucket of cars down from the table before we left for school. I explained that he could choose a few out of the bucket to play with but I didn't want all (200+) cars out because we had to leave soon.  He cried.  He was still a bit moody at school. When circle time came he was mad because he wanted to play with the big Clifford dog. He didn't want to sing or participate. Fast forward to later when we are in eating lunch and he tells me "Remember last year when you wouldn't get my McQueen Bucket? That made me really mad and I didn't want to sing."  I got a little laugh.  Even later we are sitting with Dad playing cars and I say to Jake, "Tell Daddy what you did at school today."  He says,  "At school I was grumpy and I didn't sing the itsy bitsy spider because SOMEBODY wouldn't get my McQueen bucket for me to play with." I wonder who that SOMEBODY was.  I got a good laugh out of that on